Krista Perry is an illustrator and designer located in Massachusetts. She studied and received an honors BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In 2016, Krista was recognized by the Society of Illustrators Student Competition, and was printed on the cover of their student catalogue! 

Krista Perry loves F-U-N! She thrives on color and pattern and holds special interest for pop culture, kitsch, music history, mid century design, classic American culture, and silliness. Hand lettering, pattern making, and big explosions of color make her world turn. When she isn’t illustrating, she loves people watching, seeing live music, and daydreaming about fabulous Italian dishes.

Someday she would like to…. 

  • own a fully-functioning disco ball (and learn how to dance)

  • be on The Price is Right

  • hug a real live cactus in a real live desert

  • go on a pizza date with John Stamos (have mercy, am I right?)

  • open her own roller rink

  • go on tour with a band


Krista is available for freelance work and private commission.

                                          photo by  Damien Gaudet

                                         photo by Damien Gaudet