Krista Perry is an illustrator and designer living in Boston, MA. She received an honors BFA in illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she took a very serious oath to make something fun every day. 

Krista Perry loves F-U-N! She believes in hard work and hard play and will NEVER turn down a good meatball sub. Juicy colors, patterns you can get lost in, and silly hand-lettered phrases make her little world turn. Frequent activities include growing grey hairs, seeing live music, thrift shopping, and scolding her cat Beetlejuice.


Someday she would like to... 

  • own a fully-functioning disco ball (and learn how to dance)

  • be on The Price is Right

  • hug a real live cactus in a real live desert

  • split a pizza with John Stamos (have mercy, am I right?)

  • open her own roller rink

  • befriend the ghost of Elvis

photo by  Anthony Fusco

photo by Anthony Fusco


Krista is available for freelance work and private commission.


photo by  Damien Gaudet

photo by Damien Gaudet

Select Clients

  • Big Bud Press

  • Red Cap Cards

  • Bright Lite Magazine

  • Joonbird

  • Ban.do

  • Arnold Worldwide

  • Pillpack


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